I Ain’t Saying He’s A Gold Digger: Kanye West Just Wants His Insurance Claim Paid

Kanye West reportedly once said that his greatest pain in life is that he will never get to see himself perform live. Now that he’s going into litigation against an insurance company, he may need to update that ranking.

Earlier this week, Kanye West’s touring company – Very Good Touring, Inc. –filed a lawsuit against various Lloyd’s of London syndicates (for all intents and purposes, an insurance company) over a denied insurance claim arising from West’s cancelled 2016 Saint Pablo Tour. As has become common in the high-stakes entertainment industry, the touring company took out a policy with Lloyd’s to cover any losses they might incur because of a covered non-appearance or cancellation of tour events. With so much money riding on the availability of a few irreplaceable talents, it behooves the touring companies (or movie producers, or any company investing millions of dollars in a venture entirely dependent on the performance of a specific entertainer) to take out insurance policies to manage their risk. Very Good Touring bought one such policy to cover losses they might suffer if any of the tour dates in the first leg of West’s Saint Pablo Tour were cancelled.

After the first leg of the tour went forward with few interruptions (except for two October 2016 events that were rescheduled after West’s wife, realty television star Kim Kardashian, was robbed in Paris), problems quickly arose during the second leg. On November 19, 2016, West was unable to finish a show in Sacramento and, according to the complaint, his “behavior was strained, confused and erratic”, and ticket holders were given full refunds. When West’s medical condition failed to improve, the rest of the tour was quickly cancelled and West was hospitalized at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital Center, where he stayed for 8 days before being released under full time care and supervision (which, according to the complaint, continues today). Very Good Touring tendered a claim to Lloyd’s and sought to recoup just under $10 million in losses as a result of the tour cancellation caused by West’s ailment. Lloyd’s has so far refused to pay the claim.


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